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Chair of Inorganic Active Materials for Electrochemical Energy Storage - Prof. Bianchini

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Cathode materials for Li-ion batteries

Within this project, we aim at designing new cathode materials that can surpass standard NCM/NCA or LFP chemistries in metrics such as gravimetric energy density, cost or raw materials availability. We focus on materials with various structural frameworks including spinel compounds, polyanionic materials, as well as disordered rock salt ones.

For each material class, we design new compositions, as well as re-investigate known ones; we aim at understaning the synthesis process in detail (often via in situ XRD during calcination) to find ways to improve it. Materials are typically synthesized by solid-state ceramic synthesis, sol-gel or mechanochemical methods, although hydro-and solvo-thermal are also possible. We also modify the materials by elemental substitution or by creating protective coatings on the surface to improve their stability during electrochemical cycling.

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