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Chair of Inorganic Active Materials for Electrochemical Energy Storage - Prof. Bianchini

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A cathode material with layered structure, and Li ions that deintercalate

The layered structure of LiNiO2

Layered oxides are among the most important cathode materials for today´s Li-ion batteries. Although they are well-known, a lot of R&D is still devoted to their improvement and optimization.  ...more

A contour plot shows the appearance of different intermediate phases during the synthesis of a sodium layered oxide

Phase evolution probed in situ during synthesis

Studying the synthesis of battery materials in situ allows to observe complex reaction pathways and to unravel the evolution of several intermediate phases. The exact pathway is dictated by the interplay of kinetic and thermodynamic aspects.  ...more

An advanced experimental setup at the ALBA synchrotron

Advanced experimental setups

Large-scale facilities offer immense opportunities for materials characterization. In the picture, a synchrotron XRD setup @ALBA to investigate the synthesis of ceramic materials during annealing in controlled gas atmosphere.  ...more

A contour plot shows the appearance of different intermediate phases during electrochemical Li extraction/insterion in a Li-ion battery cathode

Operando X-Ray Diffraction

Measuring with XRD an electrode material "operando", i.e. during battery operation, allows to track structural transformations in electrode materials during Li extraction and reinsertion. This helps clarifying their working mechanisms.  ...more

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We are building a new group!

Find out more about our research   ...more

Matteo Bianchini´s group at UBT

The group of Prof. Bianchini at the University of Bayreuth is part of the Bavarian Center for Battery Technology (BayBatt). The group focuses in particular on the atomic scale properties of electrode materials for Li-ion batteries and next-generation Na-ion and solid-state batteries. It tackles the design of new materials, their synthesis and structural and electrochemical characterization. Known inorganic electrode materials are also investigated to improve their synthesis and properties. In situ and operando characterization techniques, often at large-scale research facilities, are heavily employed for this purpose.

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